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2005 Dodge Viper STI Convertible 8.3 Litre V10


Key Detail

Kilometres: 31,200km
Engine: 8.3 Litre V10
Body: Convertible
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Seats 2
Import History: Imported from California
Fuel Type: Petrol
Model Detail: SRT-8


This car was purchased in November, 2012, the owner had been looking for a year to find the right car. (low km, Red, soft top , new shape viper). Found this car on Ebay in Sacramento, California, 16,000 miles. Rang the guy (75year old with too many cars). Car had been in air-conditioned garage all of its life and he had it waxed twice a year. He reckons he never skidded the wheels.

Mainfreight freighted car to Lyttleton. Car was in perfect condition on arrival. Looked better than the photos!


Had car complied 14/01/2013. Left hand drive permit obtained 25/01/2013. Have driven car occasionally on fine days only for the last 6 years. Only done 3000 miles in 6 years, had regular servicing and WOF                                                                                     .


Specs on Car:

·         2005

·         Dodge Viper STI convertible

·         19,500 miles (31,200km)

·         505 HP

·         712 nm

·         6 speed manual

·         10 cylinder naturally aspirated

·         8300cc

·         Stock standard factory except for upgraded exhaust system (Borla)

·         Radar detector-Valentine One, permanently hard-wired

·         Tyres in excellent condition

·         Car has no issues, will be sold with brand new WOF.

·         This is a very fast car not for the faint hearted.

·         Car will be sold with personalised plates V10 8.3

·         Have never attached front plate but have it beside drivers seat. Have never been stopped for no front plate!

·         Car drives best with 38 lb PSI in all 4 tyres


Yes the speedo goes up to 220MPH (354kmph)


No tyre kickers please, proof of funds to be proven before any test drives.


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